Men share their thoughts on dirty panties

What do men like so much about those dirty panties? Their physical aspect or the act itself of having and exploring them? Here we’ll expose some male opinions on the used panties theme in order to have a broader look for what they like the most and for what they Read More

Female fetishes

Did you know that women have fetishes too? All the accent is put on male’s dirty fantasies and perversions and women are put aside. Because of stereotypes or just plain ignorance feminine sexuality is regarded as boring and predictable. But that’s not really the case. Behind the curtains a strong Read More

How to spice your offers

The used panties industry grows more and more and gives you the opportunity to make much money of your old panties. But it’s time to think how you can make your favorite hobby even more profitable and fun. Men adore sniffing or just possessing female panties. Smelling them, touching their Read More

Why do girl’s underwear smell so good?

Have you ever picked up a pair of used underwear from a woman you know and taken in the intoxicating smell that is unique to each woman? if you have a panty fetish you understand why it is so intoxicating to breathe in the beautiful smells and feel the texture Read More

Loma and her Panties

fter the very first ride, I knew that Loma was the most incredible fuck that God ever put on this Earth and the best thing was, she was open to all sorts of fantasies. We had been talking about filth that even the most erotic of sex novel couldn’t conjure Read More

Used Panty Market

Sensuous, luxurious and intoxication, the market is growing for the sale of used underwear. Whether it is for cotton knickers, lace trimmed crotch-less panties or the averaged comfortable bikini cut, there is a growing opportunity to make money through the resale of used underwear. Safe Money Making The used panty Read More