Why do girl’s underwear smell so good?

Have you ever picked up a pair of used underwear from a woman you know and taken in the intoxicating smell that is unique to each woman? if you have a panty fetish you understand why it is so intoxicating to breathe in the beautiful smells and feel the texture of a moist and odour filled pair of worn knickers. The feeling of being close to the private area of a woman and being able to smell the most intimate place on her body has led to people like myself looking to the Internet to buy creamy knickers from the women who sell them through fetish Websites and will often complete special requests when I have built a relationship with them after buying a few pieces of their underwear.

But, the main question remains of why does a woman’s underwear smell so good to both men and women who want to feel a real connection to the person they have bought the panties from. The smell of the genitals of a woman have a unique smell and make the person with a panty fetish feel as if they are close to the woman through the smell and moisture that are commonly found in each pair when they are shipped to you. The smell can be strong or barely be spotted depending on what the woman did when she was wearing them and can change with the foods and drinks the woman consumes whilst wearing the panties. The unique smell of the private area of a woman is something you may not be able to experience on a regular basis or may be a smell that just seems to overcome the fetishist as they want to have a feeling of ownership and a physical connection to the wearer.

This fetish has grown in recent years and a large number of men and women are now willing to admit they enjoy the feeling of sniffing some dirty knickers in the privacy of their own home. A fetish for dirty panties, pantyhose or lingerie of all kinds can be something that provides a release from everyday life and is a fantasy for many who want to have something to hold onto instead of just looking at a photo or video of another person to get their own sexual kicks.