How to have a healthy relation with a used panties buyer

Making used panties deals it’s not solely about marketing techniques and posting, it’s based on creating strong relationships with your clients as well. Since they are human beings this is more than possible and desirable, since it’s going to have very positive effects for your business and your general experience Read More

Questions you can try asking your used panties buyers

When you know and understand your buyers well, you can post more interesting used panties classifieds. The clients like to chat about various topics and would be excited to discuss with your what excites them the most about women, sexuality and feminine features. Focusing on this aspect of making used Read More

Essential positions for the fans of sexy lingerie photos

Variety of photos matters when it comes to making naughty business. Make your used panties business be more successful than ever changing the positions a bit and taking more interesting photos in your sexy lingerie. This is going to make the buyers more attracted to your profile and excited about Read More

Chatting techniques for the used panties sellers that are good in messaging

Chatting is an important part of making used panties negotiations. You should pay attention to the way you communicate with the buyers and make sure that you offer them extreme pleasure not only with your used panties offers, but your presence in a chat. Therefore using some special techniques and Read More

Go further in your used panties sales and offer these things

At some point it’s normal to start thinking about some ways to change the things and spice things up in your used panties sales. It’s always good to be creative and try different approaches. If you have the inspiration to put some new techniques in practice, then you should definitely Read More

Ways to enjoy your used panties sales more

  If you want to have more fun and enjoy your used panties hobby, you search for new techniques continually. The more you sell your dirty lingerie online, the more you’re going to realise that it’s an intricate art that needs your attention and development of skills. From the interaction Read More

Use your feminine energy to attract more used panties clients

  What is attractive about the women is not that much their sexy body but a complex mix of their body appearance and feminine personality. Learning to use both of them you’re going to be able to create a more impressive used panties profile and attract your clients better in Read More

Special services you can provide to your used panties buyers

  The used panties buyers are quite open-minded and always search for new methods for sexual enjoyment. You can develop your business more and become more popular adding some special kinky services to your used panties classifieds. You’ll learn more about the sexuality, naughty topics, the clients and how to Read More

Themes to discuss with your used panties buyers

  The things that you discuss with your used panties buyers affect the way they look at you as a seller and how loyal they are going to be in your business. Choose the topics that you talk about with care and use the chats as an opportunity to impress Read More