Female fetishes

Did you know that women have fetishes too? All the accent is put on male’s dirty fantasies and perversions and women are put aside. Because of stereotypes or just plain ignorance feminine sexuality is regarded as boring and predictable. But that’s not really the case. Behind the curtains a strong and naughty desires persist and have their relevant secret expressions.Beautiful girl in a sexy lingerie
Men are popular for collecting and sniffing panties, having affinity to women’s legs and fantasizing dirty stuff. However women’s fetishes are oriented more toward fantasizing, not touching and smelling another body. There are women who are submissive and dream of men dominating or hurting them in a certain way. It’s a typical type of fantasy formed years ago in the more traditional patriarchal societies. They desire their panties to be ripped off, to be held tight, spanked or beaten. Men’s dirty wishes dominate over them, be panties sniffing, tying or biting. Special panties and lingerie are fabricated especially for such sexual plays. Another type of female fantasy is the opposite one, the dominant type. This type of women are fascinated to tease and torture men as hard as possible. One way is male weak points to be used, like their strong desires to smell and touch, in order to drive them mad. A pair of panties or stockings could tickle men’s body while tied and excite them much. More hard techniques include whipping and causing pain, but are more rarely found in women. It’s a matter of character and culture. The society affects how women think of and treat the men with which have a relationship.
Some women take things in a more “manly” way and prefer the physical approach. Men’s panties could make women to fantasize and desire them more, too. The different type of panties and the way a man wears them, removes them or dances with them could have affect over women’s imagination. All different types of panties and underwear in general can be important part of the so called role playing. Both genders like to imagine and have fun with their unconscious desires, so it is widely practiced in people’s intimate lives. Special underwear is designed in order to spice things up and maintain the passion. Panties and bras from leather have gone quite popular giving the sexual play a naughtier feel and look. Stockings, fur, silk, all kind of fabrics and underwear imitating characters is sold all over the world. That way creativity and art can be incorporated in intimate affairs also.
Fetishes, perversions or just basic fantasies are key for sexual satisfaction. They mark sexual maturity, creativity and reflect society’s customs, beliefs and norms. It’s a nice aspect of people to fantasise and create new ways to have fun, that way passions would never go away and imagination can develop.

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