Men share their thoughts on dirty panties

What do men like so much about those dirty panties? Their physical aspect or the act itself of having and exploring them? Here we’ll expose some male opinions on the used panties theme in order to have a broader look for what they like the most and for what they do search.

“I like everything about the dirty panties, the smell, the feel, the fact that they’ve been worn by a sexy female. I feel dirty and naughty sneaking in the panties, as if I’ve Young, sexy and beautiful woman in underwear in the bed over retstolen them secretly from a girl’s wardrobe and have unlimited access to enjoy them. My last girlfriend didn’t like to give me her used panties and I’ve always been quite passionate about getting a pair. The circumstance have made me more enthusiastic than ever to explore and enjoy that passion of mine.” -Mike

“When I was fourteen years old my parents were putting really big restrictions on me and my sexual life. I had so big desires to explore and enjoy, and the difficult situation made me think of other ways to find pleasure. One day I secretly stole a pair of panties of a girl at school when having swimming classes. The smell was so good and exciting. I started collecting panties and wanted to explore all of the possible smells they can have. Now as an adult I haven’t forgot my passion even having girlfriend and enjoy a tasty pair of dirty panties now and then.” -Tom

“My girlfriend is more prone to experiments than others and I consider myself quite a lucky guy. I tell her which panties and stockings I want and she never refuses to give them to me and explore them while playing with each other. No embarrassing and awkward situations, she even likes the fact I adore her dirty garments. Her sweet perfume in combination with the natural scent make me go wild and fantasize about her all day.” -William
“Women do not understand how much we men like it. If it’s the chemical compounds in the smelly panties or just the erotic undergarment itself, men go wild about them. The marks left on the fabric together with the sweet feminine smell are indispensable for quality foreplay fun. Adding some smelly and sweaty stockings, I get the feel I posses her entire body in my hands and want to embrace it.” -Alex
Obviously guys tend to enjoy fetishes quite much and have fun. Put your panties offers in action and watch how much enthusiastic they’ll go about a simple piece of undergarment fabric. Enjoy selling panties and explore their fetishes to further develop your business.

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