How to spice your offers

The used panties industry grows more and more and gives you the opportunity to make much money of your old panties. But it’s time to think how you can make your favorite hobby even more profitable and fun. Men adore sniffing or just possessing female panties. Smelling them, touching their silky and lacy texture makes masculines go crazy. However their dirty mind consists not only of used panties but of other garments or objects as well. Just open your mind and think of all the other things you can sell to them. May be you have towels which you no longer use. The sexy scent of shampoo, soaps, and other sweet fruity scents they had accumulated with time when you’ve been bathing yourself, will make men’s minds long to cuddle in them. You’ve got plenty swimsuits at home which you’ll never put on again. Oldest profession - Female perfect sexy body with money (dollarsTake out the old stuff of the closet and think of all the creative ways you can make it an attractive offer. Swimsuits smell like sand, seawater and together with your natural odor are one of the most special offer you can make to the clients. You can add also a colorful flip flops for the naughty foot fetish guys. Different accessories can make a good profit too. Some sexy leather gloves are essential for every man’s dirty mind. Combine them with a silky scarf which have touched your sexy neck. Men crave to experiment with different textures and incorporate exotic things while fantasizing. If you have sexy tops and skirts give them a chance too. Every feminine garment can be of use for fetishists. In case you are from the more naughty girls and have a sex toys you can profit a lot by the fact they’ve been used. Men would be fascinated to have such a naughty object used by girls. Also handcuffs, whips, bondage, are essential for the role play lovers. Moreover, you can search for some special leathery panties or more exotic fabrics underwear, wear it and then multiply the price when selling it. The scent you leave on panties and clothes is so precious for men, they’re ready to give a fortune to have them. Go shopping for panties and other naughty accessories and activate your creativity. You can bathe with panties under the shower and sell them with the sexy smell of a fresh female body. Or attach to them a sexy bobby pin as if by chance left by you. It’s all about being creative and mixing things up. In the competitive panties selling industry you should more than ever put efforts to make your offers look sexy and unique. Just have fun searching for the erotic and unusual to profit even more from the naughty business.

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