Loma and her Panties

fter the very first ride, I knew that Loma was the most incredible fuck that God ever put on this Earth and the best thing was, she was open to all sorts of fantasies. We had been talking about filth that even the most erotic of sex novel couldn’t conjure and one of her prime fetishes was to be fucked by two cocks at the same time. She clearly had no intention of going home, so I continued to screw her throughout the day. By mid afternoon, I thought it was about high time I went out and did a spot of shopping. I went to the most erotic lingerie store i could find and picked up a handful of kinky items for her to slip in. Intricately designed knickers and stockings, the sexiest of stilettos, corsets, sex toys, you name it.

Whilst paying for these goods, I got on the phone to a few mates who I knew had plenty of cash. I purchased a few bottles of Krystal and headed home to present all these kinky items to Loma. She absolutely loved them and so I told her, I had invited a friend round to check her out. I’ve never seen a girls face light up so quickly, she was clearly turned on and so was I for that matter. I had known the girl for less than 20 hours and she was willing to do practically anything. I poured her a glass of champagne to loosen her up a touch more and within another half an hour, my friends were knocking at the door.

As soon as they walked in, they each presented me with $250 dollars each as I had promised them something special. Into the living room they walked and at first, I thought Loma would be slightly shocked to see two blokes, however they were both good looking lads and this caused her to smile with the filthiest look in her eyes. They both started to kiss her and unwrap her like a child opening a present at Christmas. She started to beg us all to fuck her, so the only thing left to do was shut her up. My cock went deep down her throat while my friends too turns screwing her in the ass and pussy. She loved it and although it cost me for the lingerie, she was well worth it!

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