How to wear lingerie the right way during the summer

  The process of choosing what lingerie to wear can be tricky, especially during the Summer. It’s important to find the correct garments when you want to look fabulous in your sexy lingerie photos that you send to the used panties clients and when you go out with friends. It Read More

Delicate questions in the used panties chats and how to respond them

  The used panties buyers can be very curious about your motivation to sell your used lingerie and what you do in your intimate life in general. It’s absolutely normal for them to make a lot of questions, however you should be careful when you respond to them. Giving out Read More

Being artistic in the used panties business

Women are naturally the more artistic gender and that’s why this typical characteristic matters that much when it comes to sexuality. The more artistic you are in your actions and behaviour, the more the used panties buyers are going to like you. However, it’s not that easy to posses and Read More

Do you promote your used panties the right way?

  How you promote your used lingerie online defines if you’re going to be successful or not. The more impressive the marketing campaign you make, the more used panties buyers are going to get interested in your profile. Men are influenced easily with images, so the more sexy lingerie photos Read More

Add foot fetish inspired classifieds to your used panties business

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Things used panties buyers like about chatting with sellers

  The used panties buyers are fascinated with the option to chat with the sellers. This method of communication that is essential for the negotiations guarantees you success and gives you opportunity to have a list with loyal clients. The buyers start their sexual enjoyment in the messages and continue Read More

Ways to confront the most common used panties buyers’ bias

  There are many male prejudices that some people may still have. Their deep roots in the culture and society has made it relatively hard to eliminate them and many people still struggle with dealing with them nowadays. Noticing that a used panties buyer acts strangely and in a quite Read More