Ways to confront the most common used panties buyers’ bias


There are many male prejudices that some people may still have. Their deep roots in the culture and society has made it relatively hard to eliminate them and many people still struggle with dealing with them nowadays. Noticing that a used panties buyer acts strangely and in a quite biased way, it’s good to confront him confidently and try to resolve the situation.

Men can be quite confident in portraying and using these prejudiced traits of themselves, therefore it’s important to deal with them appropriately in order to make beneficial used panties negotiations.

Being too dominant in negotiations
Men naturally like to be more dominant, however this may start to be too explicit and used for exploiting you in various ways. Some used panties buyers want lingerie and videos for free. When you interact with a more dominant type of a client, be attentive and make used panties negotiations with him with great care. In case that he starts to be explicitly dominant and give you orders that you don’t want to complete, you can leave the chat and look for another client. If his dominance obsession is mild and is not interrupting your negotiation, then you can continue with the messages.

Telling you how to act dirtily
In the moments when you share with each other how you enjoy sexuality and also include various dirty fantasies, there are clients that would like to manipulate you to undertake various roles in a role play and act for them. If this makes you feel uncomfortable you can leave the communication or suggest them another type of a naughty service. If you are going to participate in such kind of interaction depends on your personality and willingness to act. It requires a lot of open mindedness and readiness for sexy participation. In case that you prefer to be your true self and not have other roles, just state it and make them take a decision if they like to chat.

Obliging you to take action
In the communication with used panties clients you should not face any difficulties like enforcement. Everything should be done voluntarily and according to your own standards and believes. If a used panties buyer doesn’t respect your opinion much and acts like he doesn’t notice your negativity regarding certain naughty suggestion, then you should discuss the situation thoroughly with him and try to resolve the conflict. Whenever you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to complete an offer, you should talk and defend your standards of selling used panties.

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