The used panties community’s pleasures from the least to the most intense


The pleasures that you offer to the used panties buyers online can normally be categorised according to their intensity. In relation to the categories to which they pertain you can set your prices or play with the used panties clients in a negotiation. It’s good to differentiate between the different types of pleasure that you offer and use it for your advantage.

It’s going to make your sales to be more dynamic and interesting for you, giving more opportunities for growth and the possibility to offer varied used panties services.

Dirty messages
The naughty messages are the most innocent form of satisfaction that you can provide to your used panties clients. It’s essential since without any communication you can’t proceed with your dirty negotiations. It’s a way to know your used panties buyer better, check if you match with his services preferences and eventually culminate his dirty satisfaction from the chatting with another type of naughty service. Being the least intense form of sexual pleasure, the dirty chats can be provided to a variety of used panties clients in order to play with their imagination and introduce them to your used panties classifieds in a seductive way.

Sexy lingerie photos and videos
This is the middle category of sexual pleasure. The visual materials make all of the naughty fantasies discussed in a chat reality and captivate the buyers with their realistic expression. You can either combine your sexy messages with some photos, or go further and record some sexy videos. It’s a nice way to make profits without directly selling used panties. Taking sexy lingerie photos and making videos is quite artistic and creative, challenging you to express your naughty nature with performance and speech. Men really like to observe women and their beauty, and this is going to make them quite excited about your services.

Used lingerie
The most intense pleasure that you can provide to your used panties clients is naturally your dirty lingerie. Receiving a real sexual object from a woman, they can truly enjoy it and feel like they’ve won the attention of a lady. Making that your clients invest time and efforts in order to receive your used panties and hear your naughty stories, you increase the value of your services indirectly. It’s a tricky technique to use the different types of pleasures that you provide and gradually escalate them. However, it’s a proven method that every more professional used panties seller should use and convert her used lingerie to be something even more special and desired.

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