Delicate questions in the used panties chats and how to respond them


The used panties buyers can be very curious about your motivation to sell your used lingerie and what you do in your intimate life in general. It’s absolutely normal for them to make a lot of questions, however you should be careful when you respond to them. Giving out information about yourself, you reveal how good you are at the naughty hobby and if you are a potential partner for making used panties business.

Thinking well before you respond and not rushing the answers, you’re going to give some impressive, informative and intelligent explanations to every used panties client.

Are you currently in a relationship?
Whether you are in a relationship or not can mean a lot to the used panties buyers. When someone is in a relationship there is the possibility that a woman doesn’t dedicate a lot of time to the used panties sales and is not as fast with the orders like the rest of the sellers. However, being in a relationship can be a sign that you can deliver naughtier services in collaboration with a partner. Giving out information about your status gives different signs to every used panties buyer. Think well about this detail about your biography and if it’s good to share it or not. It has its positive and negative sides.

What does being naughty mean to you?
Explaining what you mean by naughty makes visible if you are an open-minded used panties seller or not. If you feel confident and you are a person that likes dirty things when it comes to sexuality, feel free to chat about it. Nonetheless, if you are a relatively shy woman and you are not as naughty as the used panties fetish fans expect you to be, you can keep your answer shorter and more abstract. That way you have the right to abstain from answering the question in details and you still keep the used panties buyer wondering about your interests in sexuality.

How did you inspire yourself to sell your used panties?
What inspires you to sell your used panties online tells a lot about you as a seller. It shows if you are dedicated and serious to the used panties business. Answering this question you should show your motivation and unique inspiration to sell your used lingerie. That’s how you’re going to make a really good impression and connect with the buyers profoundly. Moreover, you’re going to start appreciating your experience in the community more and it’s going to become more meaningful for you as well.

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