Themes to discuss with your used panties buyers


The things that you discuss with your used panties buyers affect the way they look at you as a seller and how loyal they are going to be in your business. Choose the topics that you talk about with care and use the chats as an opportunity to impress them and increase their interest in your profile and classifieds. The way you communicate shows what type of person you are and how interesting services you could offer to your used panties clients.

Intrigue the buyers with an exciting and deep communication, and very soon you’re going to notice their passion for making more used panties negotiations.

There is very high possibility that the used panties buyers have other fetishes as well. People that enjoy sexuality in a perverted way, with the use of various sexual objects like used panties, tend to invest a lot of attention in different fetishes. You can ask your used panties clients about their likes or just start discussing some type of a fetish. That way you can start some interesting chats with them, giving them the opportunity to share about their intimate secrets and learning about their likes as well. It’s going to help you to understand them better and know how to satisfy them using dirty fantasies and used lingerie. Enjoy discussing the different fetishes and perversions that exist out there, and you’re going to yield great success in the community.

Favourite movies
The movies are a topic that everybody likes. All people like to watch movies and it’s one of the most modern pastimes nowadays. You can use the movies discussions to know more about the general likes of the used panties buyers and how they experience life. Depending on the genre they prefer and their favourite movie scenes, you can understand their sexual preferences as well. Whether they focus on being more active or more passive, the type of scenarios they like and which emotions predominate their daily life are all details that are going to be helpful for your dirty chats with them. Feel free to discuss the latest movies and most favourite scenes. It’s a unique way to get to know your clients and excite them.

Summer adventures
In the summer it’s quite exciting to share each other’s adventures that you’ve been having recently. From going out with friends to small trips around the city, everything can be a fun adventure worth of discussing. The summery activities are always fun and give a lot of opportunities to enjoy yourself sensually. Suggest to your used panties clients how they can variate their schedule in the summer and tell them about your personal experiences. It’s going to be quite inspirational and interesting for both of you surely. Just be descriptive, passionate and positive, and every single chat is going to be a big success.

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