Special services you can provide to your used panties buyers


The used panties buyers are quite open-minded and always search for new methods for sexual enjoyment. You can develop your business more and become more popular adding some special kinky services to your used panties classifieds. You’ll learn more about the sexuality, naughty topics, the clients and how to deal with them in order to grow your kinky business. It’s more than motivating and fun, giving you the opportunity to use various skills and put your creativity in action.

Consider adding the following hot services to your used panties classifieds, and start having some naughty fun and success online!

Role play
The role play can be included in various forms in the used panties chatting. You can organise a rola play in a chat, send images and videos, or have a video conversation on live. Depending on your motivation and goals, you can use different types of role plays. It’s a very fun technique to make the used panties buyers share about their intimate fantasies and desires without feeling strange. Select roles that match the interests of both participants and try out a role play game. The sexual satisfaction derived is going to make the used panties clients quite interested about making some negotiations with you as well.

Customised photo gallery
The used panties buyers enjoy sexy visual materials a lot. You can convert this part of the negotiations in a business, offering the service of creating a special customised photo gallery for a client. Receiving instructions from him where he would like you to pose, in what lingerie and in what way you should pose, you can take some special photos for him and make his sexy fantasies come true. It not only makes it possible for him to enjoy his unique sexual dreams but also he starts to feel like a powerful man when giving instructions and directions. Let your clients enjoy this features and have fun developing your naughty business.

Kinky objects
The used panties fetish fans enjoy all types of perversions. Don’t feel shy to offer them other sexy objects, like sexy feminine nighties or used heels. The more sexual objects that a man has, the more he can enjoy his naughty fantasies. You can negotiate with a buyer the rest of the sexy objects that could make a man happy and satisfied. Once you’ve explored his taste and favourite objects, you can add some of them to your used panties classifieds. Experimenting in this way you’ll learn how to be more adventurous and willing to develop your used panties business courageously.

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