The biggest secrets you can share with your used panties buyers


Discussing naughty things, especially sharing your intimate secrets, you can make your used panties buyers really invested in the conversation with you and quite curious. It’s a way to always have some fresh topics to introduce in chat and keep the passions alive. Receiving feedback and various comments in relation to the naughty themes and intimate secrets, you’re going to get more excited and inspired about your used panties sales as well.

How many partners you’ve had
Normally women tend to keep in secret the number of partners they’ve had. Usually a person doesn’t have an accurate quantity, however the relative number is something about which many people have varied feelings. Introducing this topic in a used panties discussion, you can try to analyse your sexual history, become more relaxed online and hear the feedback of the naughty clients. The buyers are going to be interested in your opinion and actual evidence about your sexual adventures. They’re going to be tempted to share their own naughty history as well.

Your naughtiest sexual experience
Every individual has his own favourite sexual experience that he keeps in mind and thinks about it in his most lonely or horny periods. Chatting about it with your used panties clients, what had impressed you and leaved you excited, you can analyse your sexuality deeply and hear the considerations of other people. Moreover, it’s a nice way to come with something naughty in chat while the used panties buyers share with excitement their fantasies and experiences. It’s going to make you to chat with more inspiration and curiosity than usual.

What do you look for in a fantasy
All people have some specific things in mind when it comes to sexual fantasies. Every person is unique and is excited with different things. Sharing the things which you normally find joyous and for which you search in a fantasy or reality, you give the opportunity to the used panties buyers to get interested in the feminine sexuality. This is going to inspire them to share their own wants as well, and reveal you their fantasies and the used lingerie they search for.

The more intimate things you share in the chats with used panties clients, the more possibilities you have to know them better and offer them the best lingerie.

It’s a nice exercise for you as well, challenging you to be more open minded and liberated in sexual discussions. Feel free to use this simple trick in chatting, and you’re going to have some beneficial changes in your used panties conversations.

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