Questions you can try asking your used panties buyers

When you know and understand your buyers well, you can post more interesting used panties classifieds. The clients like to chat about various topics and would be excited to discuss with your what excites them the most about women, sexuality and feminine features. Focusing on this aspect of making used panties business, you’ll increase the possibility of having success and attract client in long term negotiations.

The following three questions are very useful for putting them in practice in your negotiations and making your used panties buyers share a lot of personal information.

Who is your favourite actress?
Revealing the favourite actress of a used panties buyer you can grasp what is their ideal for a woman and how you can look and perform in a way to excite him. It’s a nice question since it’s not too personal but rather casual and every buyer would be happy to answer it. Investigating into the clients’ favourite celebrities and actresses, you can not only try to look like them in the photos that you send them, but even participate in some role play. Men are really into role play and it’s going to excite them if you involve them in a play where you act like their most favourite actress. It’s going to excite them to make a lot of used panties negotiations with you.

Which is your sexiest memory?
While discussing cinema and actress is easy, talking about memories is a little bit more personal and requires you to be more careful with it. When a used panties buyer is in a naughty and happy mood, you can answer him this question. This is going to guarantee you that he feels comfortable and ready to talk with you about more personal topics. The sexy memories of the buyers can show you what they expect when they chat with you, share naughty fantasies and search for dirty lingerie. You can help them share more and in that way know more about their preferences, asking them additional questions on the memories.

How do women excite you?
A general question like this is interesting for men, however sometimes they have trouble expressing their wants clearly. There are used panties buyers that are going to answer it in a lot of details with ease, but others may struggle. Depending on the buyer you should try to help him and be as more tolerant as possible. Sharing to each other your preferences about the opposite sex is a nice way to get to know each other and improve your used panties selling experiences. You’ll start having more fun with fantasies due to acting in a more appropriate and exciting way for the other person.

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