Here’s how you can live stream for your used panties buyers


One way to seduce your used panties buyers faster and with little efforts is to dedicate your time to live streaming. Replacing your normal habit to take sexy lingerie photos and sending them to your buyers, you can have a better option and directly live stream how you pose in erotic underwear. That way you’re going to build some sexy posing skills and become better at taking naughty photos as well.

It’s going to revive your inner seductress and put your imagination into actions, using sexy moves and poses for your used panties clients.

Write down a scenario
Naturally, you can’t live stream right away but need to write down some notes or even create a sexy story for your video. This is going to guarantee you that the final outcome is going to be quite exciting and seductive. Think of the movement and poses you would like to include, where you would like to photo shoot and choose the best lingerie. You can pose without talking much but rather empathise over the sexy posing, or you can write down some phrases and learn them before going online. That way your live streaming is going to be quite unique, attractive and creative for the used panties buyers.

Dedicate some time to practice
Before you live stream for your used panties buyers you need some time to practice. Try to make a video of yourself including what you plan to do for the client. This is going to help you make a better performance for your used panties buyer, noticing some flaws in the video. You can observe some imperfections related to light, location, sexy monologue and poses. Whatever the negative sides of the video, feel free to improve some of them and don’t lose your courage. Posing confidently in a sexy lingerie for your client, is going to make him omit some of the imperfections and pay attention to the sexy details. All you need is positivity and determination.

Live stream in the right moment
Being confident about live streaming is not enough. You should choose the right moment for getting hot and posing sexily for your buyer. When he starts sharing some naughty details and is ready to discuss dirty themes with you, you can prepare him with some dirty chatting. After you’ve been naughty in your messages you can take the initiative and live stream for the used panties client. Giving him some free seconds or a minute of live streaming, and eventually setting a price you can even earn some profits with this special feature. Choose pricing and timing in relation to the particular customer, and your used panties sales are going to be quite prosperous.

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