Go further in your used panties sales and offer these things

At some point it’s normal to start thinking about some ways to change the things and spice things up in your used panties sales. It’s always good to be creative and try different approaches. If you have the inspiration to put some new techniques in practice, then you should definitely use it while you still have it.

We’re going to present you some new ideas for taking things further in your sales, making naughtier used panties classifieds and offering to your clients an authentic erotic experience.

Going naked while doing daily stuff
No just sexy photos are appreciated by the used panties clients. They are big fans of videos and photography that is made instantly and without planning a lot. Actually, this is the favourite type of photos that the used panties buyers really like and feel the passion of the seller indeed. When you feel naughty while you do something asexual like having a shower, cleaning your room, making the bed, grab the camera and take some sexy photos in lingerie or without one. Send them to your clients for creating a more realistic effect and lasting impressions in them. It’s an easy and very fun way to make yourself appear naughtier and catch the attention of the clients.

Sell your sex toys
Many women have sex toys nowadays or experiment with various other objects. If you have your own favourite toy or object that you use for pleasuring yourself, feel free to add it to your used panties classifieds. It’s not only going to make you feel more comfortable with your sexuality and intimate tastes, but it’s going to excite the used panties clients a lot. At first, you may feel kind of uncomfortable and shy about it, however it’s surely worth it to try it out. It’s a way to challenge yourself, your believes and gain a lot of profits from it.

Make a live video session
You surely chat with your used panties clients, but have you tried to make a live video session? It may sound too naughty for you, nonetheless it’s not something that difficult to make once you try to do it a few times. The difficulty is normally related to not knowing how the buyers are going to react and how you are supposed to act while streaming online. Preparing a scenario or things that you can say while being on live, you can feel more comfortable and start to like it. It’s much easier than taking photos and the used panties buyers are going to be quite impressed with it.

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