Where to try out your sexiest new lingerie

It’s good from time to time to vary the schedule and include something more chic and sexy. Having a new lingerie or just feeling bored is enough to make some special plans and go to an exclusive place to have fun with a partner. Here is a list with the Read More

BDSM used lingerie and accesories

There are many items which you can include in order to make your panties offers more interesting. If you’re a BDSM fan, you surely should include some of your used special objects and lingerie into the sales. Buyers online have their own special fantasies and would be quite interested into Read More

How did you started to sell dirty panties?

Getting involved in a new hobby is always quite interesting and exciting. Especially when dirty panties are involved, some really curious and funny experiences could be included. Here are the stories of women telling how they heard about and decided to become a part of the dirty panties industry. “It Read More

Popular fantasies and sexy lingerie

Female Fantasies Being dominated by men The majority of women fantasize about being dominated by a man. In such scenarios lingerie can play a role to be ripped off and enjoyed to be destroyed to the fullest by the males. It’s a typical tendency influenced by the patriarchal society where Read More

More dirty panties sales during the winter

During the winter season the passions are bigger and people tend to have fun more often. Due to the weather conditions or the dull attire, lingerie and sexual activities are enjoyed more. For this reason selling dirty panties can be more successful during the cold months and being icy outside Read More

Ethical Underwear

When buying underwear most people don’t pay a lot of attention to tiny details like how the particular lingerie is made and if it affects society in some way. However, that is one of the most important sides of the lingerie industry and small customers can have a big impact Read More

Modest and mysterious dirty panties sellers catch man’s eye

Dirty panties should be presented in various and innovative ways, otherwise no body would invest a cent in them. Every sphere of life, be fashion, trading, entertainment are focused on the variety and experimenting. To catch dirty panties buyers’ eye, means to appear not only sexy, but unique and worth Read More

Dirty Panties Goals

Similar to every type of hobby out there, selling used panties you need to have a clear view on what you want and how to accomplish it. It’s always beneficial to write down the things you want to improve about your dirty panties offers and open your mind for critical Read More

3 reasons to start selling dirty underwear during the holidays

Holidays are here and it’s not only time for exchanging presents but having some quality fun time. Starting to sell dirty underwear offers you both, a good earnings and the naughty experiences you’re probably lacking. So take your time to inspire yourself and look forward to entertainment.   1.It’s the Read More

Emojis and dirty panties

Used panties business is quite young but technologies established their presence long ago. They’re never stopping to develop and playing an important part of our daily lives, they make us use newer ways of expressing and enjoying each other’s emotions. The effect over human sexuality is significant and it’s curious Read More