The most difficult questions a used panties buyer can ask you

  Selling used lingerie is not just a simple job of exchanging dirty lingerie for money, but can be very tricky in its nature. The details surrounding every used panties offer and keeping the negotiation going, complicate the selling situation and can make you wonder about what strategies to use. Read More

Why becoming an online lingerie model is beneficial

  In the modern times it’s quite easy to make your own website and post photos, giving you a lot of new opportunities to show your potential. You can take sexy lingerie photos and let your mind go creative, using this for increasing your used panties profits as well. It’s Read More

What does it mean to plan your used panties sales?

  Introducing order into your used panties offers may sound kind of not needed, however it can have benefits for your business. You are expected to put everything in order in your daily life so why stress about doing it in the used panties sales as well? Nonetheless, the reasons Read More

Questions to ask before you make a used panties deal

  Making used panties deals requires you to be informed beforehand about as much information as possible, in order to realise it in a successful way. The most active sellers and listeners are the best at making business and earning profits. Investigating the used panties buyers a little bit before Read More

Ways to differentiate between dominant and submissive used panties buyers

  Differentiating between the different used panties buyers online, you can react in a more appropriate and useful manner. There are some basic essential guidelines that can be helpful and convert the selling process into a more interesting procedure, leaving the clients satisfied and understood emotionally. Pay attention to the Read More

Language rules you should consider when selling used lingerie

  In the used lingerie sales you should be careful when you start chatting with a buyer. Your entire personality and the quality of services you offer are going to be demonstrated by the way you use language. Taking care about the details in the communication with the used panties Read More

Recommendations for offering custom used panties

  In the used panties business it’s good to count on various options in order to maintain sales high and the customers satisfied. Offering the option of custom used panties the buyers are going to get even more interested in the sales and fantasise about the perfect lingerie they want Read More

Signs you need to change in the used panties sales

  Many used panties sellers should adapt continually throughout the selling process in order to become prosperous and enjoy all the kinky opportunities of the hobby. However, many times that is not such an easy task and can be quite challenging for some used panties sellers. Noticing that a buyer Read More