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Signs that you’ve established a good relation with a used panties buyer

| Used Panty Network | July 6, 2017


In the interaction with the used panties buyers there may be many problems and positive moments. When you’ve finally established a healthy and productive relation with a buyer, there are some signs that you can tell that you’ve made a good job and you can count on him as a loyal client. It’s very inspiring to know that you’ve got some clients that are excited and satisfied with your used panties negotiations.

Consider the following sides of making used lingerie deals and have fun improving yourself continually in the community.

Chatting often
If you are regularly in contact with a used panties buyer, that means that he likes to interact with you and not just buy used lingerie. Maintaining contact is important and makes it possible to establish a relation with someone. The more you chat and take pleasure in it, the more you’re going to feel like friends and feel comfortable making negotiations. It’s like having a loyal friend online and counting on him whenever you feel in the mood for having fun or sharing a naughty secret. Make a list with the buyers with which you chat the most and always feel ready to answer their messages and naughty requests.

Knowing each other’s preferences
When a used panties buyer knows your sexual likes and you also know his own preferences, then you’ve really have connected with each other successfully. Having the courage to share such intimate information means that both participants in the communication feel comfortable and trust each other. If there are clients that know you well and you have heard about their personal life, then have in mind that you are doing a really good job. Try to make the same with other used panties buyers and very soon the number of your fans is going to increase significantly.

Feeling calm and satisfied
Pay attention to your feelings and that of your buyers. Is there a lot of pressure or are you feeling quite relaxed and happy in each other’s company? When you are relaxed and satisfied, it means that you connect well and match the expectations of the other person. Focus on the clients with which you feel happy and notice what you’ve been doing in order to achieve such a success. That way you can make every used panties client happy about the interaction with you, and you will be more relaxed and satisfied as well. It’s a really positive sign in the communication with someone.

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How to wear lingerie the right way during the summer

| Used Panty Network | June 29, 2017


The process of choosing what lingerie to wear can be tricky, especially during the Summer. It’s important to find the correct garments when you want to look fabulous in your sexy lingerie photos that you send to the used panties clients and when you go out with friends. It can make a big difference and demonstrate that you are an intelligent and at the same time a cool woman. Whenever you have more time, think about how you should combine your garments in order to achieve a flattering and sexy look.

That’s how you’re going to receive positive feedback from both your used panties fans and friends.

Combining colours
When it comes to the warm seasons, colours matter for your sensual appearance. Summer is the time for experimenting with colours and using them for complementing your natural beauty. Nonetheless, it’s not that easy to choose the right colours in order to look both beautiful and sexy. If you want to look classy and impeccable with your looks, you should take care for combining the colour of your underwear with your clothes. You can never go wrong with that approach. When you want to look sexy though, you can choose some contrasting colours and emphasise the beauty of your lingerie and intimate parts as well. Take care for combining colours from the same tones in order to achieve harmony with your naughty look.

Finding the right design
The more revealing clothes during the Summer naturally require to take care for the designs of lingerie that you wear. For the ladies that like to hide their lingerie and look as more natural as possible, the silicon strapped bras and lacy lingerie would work the best. That way the lingerie can be made to be almost invisible and fit well under the clothes. When you are in a naughty mood and you want to make your underwear part of the outfit, you should choose kinky and interesting lingerie designs that combine well with the other clothes. Showing only a few tiny elements of the underwear is enough to catch the attention with glam.

Going nude
For the women that are the naughtiest and are willing to experiment, it’s a nice idea to try to go without underwear as well. There are many dresses and tops that can be perfectly worn without a bra and are going to look much sexier. Also not wearing panties can be beneficial for the entire look as well and keep you fresh during the day. As a result you can feel sexier and naughtier, ready to have some dirty fun and use your seductive skills. It’s going to make you be more open-minded and better in your used panties negotiations. Embrace this kinky option and have fun with it during the summer.

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Delicate questions in the used panties chats and how to respond them

| Used Panty Network | June 22, 2017


The used panties buyers can be very curious about your motivation to sell your used lingerie and what you do in your intimate life in general. It’s absolutely normal for them to make a lot of questions, however you should be careful when you respond to them. Giving out information about yourself, you reveal how good you are at the naughty hobby and if you are a potential partner for making used panties business.

Thinking well before you respond and not rushing the answers, you’re going to give some impressive, informative and intelligent explanations to every used panties client.

Are you currently in a relationship?
Whether you are in a relationship or not can mean a lot to the used panties buyers. When someone is in a relationship there is the possibility that a woman doesn’t dedicate a lot of time to the used panties sales and is not as fast with the orders like the rest of the sellers. However, being in a relationship can be a sign that you can deliver naughtier services in collaboration with a partner. Giving out information about your status gives different signs to every used panties buyer. Think well about this detail about your biography and if it’s good to share it or not. It has its positive and negative sides.

What does being naughty mean to you?
Explaining what you mean by naughty makes visible if you are an open-minded used panties seller or not. If you feel confident and you are a person that likes dirty things when it comes to sexuality, feel free to chat about it. Nonetheless, if you are a relatively shy woman and you are not as naughty as the used panties fetish fans expect you to be, you can keep your answer shorter and more abstract. That way you have the right to abstain from answering the question in details and you still keep the used panties buyer wondering about your interests in sexuality.

How did you inspire yourself to sell your used panties?
What inspires you to sell your used panties online tells a lot about you as a seller. It shows if you are dedicated and serious to the used panties business. Answering this question you should show your motivation and unique inspiration to sell your used lingerie. That’s how you’re going to make a really good impression and connect with the buyers profoundly. Moreover, you’re going to start appreciating your experience in the community more and it’s going to become more meaningful for you as well.

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Being artistic in the used panties business

| Used Panty Network | June 15, 2017

Women are naturally the more artistic gender and that’s why this typical characteristic matters that much when it comes to sexuality. The more artistic you are in your actions and behaviour, the more the used panties buyers are going to like you. However, it’s not that easy to posses and maintain such a complex personality trait. Developing it gradually you can improve yourself in many spheres of life and make your used panties sales more prosperous. It’s going to grant you with a completely new vision and objectives in life and your used lingerie sales

Choose your lingerie according to aesthetics and moods
When you choose a lingerie to wear or present to your used panties buyers dedicate a few more minutes in order to think how it matches your skin, make up and emotions. You should select an underwear according to the rules of aesthetics and make sure that it suites your body appearance well and still matches with your mood. This is going to make you always look beautiful and confident in the lingerie that you choose to wear. In order to be artistic when you wear erotic garments, you should heed the theory of colour, shape and aesthetics in general and still pay attention to your inner voice.

Make a fashion show for your used panties buyers
A very fun way to learn to be creative and artistic is to organise a fashion show for a used panties buyer. Presenting him various lingerie designs in a sexy way, with an erotic walk, looks and gestures, you’re going to develop a feeling for the sensual and beautiful. You can train a little bit in front of the mirror and then stream online when you feel prepared for it. The more you decide yourself to participate in videos for the used panties buyers, the more you’re going to learn the art of acting and being artistic. It develops your self-awareness and teaches you to distinguish between impressive and bland.

Draw your dreamt lingerie designs
If you have any ideas what lingerie you would like to have in the future, you can even draw it and exchange ideas with your used panties buyers. The drawing makes you think actively and use your motor skills to express your ideas, which less people do nowadays. It is very effective for liberating your mind, fantasising about lingerie and building your own original taste for underwear. You can even share your drawings with the used panties buyers and heed their opinion. It’s going to be quite interesting for both of you and it’s going to teach you to be more confident in showing your personal style and using your artistic abilities

The art can help you to build a more stable used panties business and enjoy your life more. Don’t hesitate, but try to incorporate it actively. It’s one of the most joyous things you can use for free and experiment without limits.

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Do you promote your used panties the right way?

| Used Panty Network | June 8, 2017


How you promote your used lingerie online defines if you’re going to be successful or not. The more impressive the marketing campaign you make, the more used panties buyers are going to get interested in your profile. Men are influenced easily with images, so the more sexy lingerie photos you post, the easier you’re going to attract them. However, you should take care about the type of techniques you use and their chronology.

Playing with their naughty mind and making them be obsessed about your naughty materials and lingerie, you’re going to convert them in fans of yours.

Posting in the right moment
Whether you’re going to post your sexy lingerie photos in the evening or during the day matters. The used panties buyers naturally are more active in the evenings and late nights, so posting later you’re going to attract their attention and compete successfully with the other sellers. You can prepare your photos ahead of time and log in just to post your materials. Have in mind that you should also have enough time to chat with the interested buyers on time. After publishing new photo materials an used panties offers, the interest is going to grow higher and you should be prepared with some naughty phrases.

Photo shooting the sexiest parts
If you want to immediately catch the attention and make a buyer imitate a chat with you, then you should take photos of the right body parts. Focusing more on photo shooting your bust and booty, but still not revealing your nude body, you’re going to excite them extremely. You can do so photo shooting from different angles, using varied lighting, background and postures. That way you can put the emphasis on different parts of your body, distinguish your feminine curves and make your entire photography look unique and hot.

Publishing appropriate quantity
How many photos of yourself and your lingerie you publish matters for the interest of the used panties buyers. Publishing too many visual materials you may make them feel overwhelmed and bored. It’s good to be moderately active and not post too many photos, in order to make the clients expect your sexy lingerie materials and dream about your presence. Being absent every now and then, and reappearing with a bunch of new sexy lingerie photos on your profile, you’re going to keep them excited and check your page regularly.

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Add foot fetish inspired classifieds to your used panties business

| Used Panty Network | June 1, 2017


The foot fetish is quite popular as well and can complement the sexual experience of the naughty clients that purchase used panties. You can experiment adding some foot fetish oriented classifieds and see for yourself if you can extend you business. It’s a way to earn more profits and have more fun. Have a look at the sexy feet fetish oriented items that you have at home and think about some ways you can introduce them in your profile.

It’s going to attract the attention and excite the used panties buyers to review your profile for innovative classifieds more often.

Shoes that you no longer wear
The foot fetish fans enjoy every type of object that has been in contact with the female legs and feet. That’s why these individuals tend to enjoy looking at and even having a beautiful pair of used shoes. If you have shoes that you no longer wear, you can include them in your classifieds. Looking for some clients that are fascinated with the feet fetish and contacting them, you can directly promote your innovative offers or you can simply wait for the right customer to access your profile and browse through the classifieds. It doesn’t cost you any efforts to sell your used shoes, you just simply need to introduce them to the used panties community.

Sexy dirty stockings
The sexy lacy stockings are some of the all time favourite intimate garments of men. Having dirty stockings can be even more inspiring for the foot fetish fans. Make a pair of sexy black stockings dirty and feel free to offer them to some of your naughtiest clients. If you encounter a significant number of used panties fans that like the idea of investing in dirty stockings, you can build a big network of clients and develop your business more. Counting on various sexy objects for selling and having fun, you’re going to stay successful and excited about the used panties sales.

Cute used socks
You can even make some additional profits with the socks that you’ve worn at the gym or going out for a walk. The foot fetish fans adore all types of socks and stockings if they have been made dirty. Make some extra money easily using your cute dirty socks, whenever you have some free time and want to get rid of some pairs. The used panties fans and foot fetish enthusiasts are unpredictable and adore all types of sexy used garments and objects. Discuss with them the different options when it comes to naughty dirty negotiations, and consider which is going to be the best pair of used socks according to their personal preferences.

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The ways the used panties sales make you defend your boundaries more

| Used Panty Network | May 25, 2017


The used panties sales community is an online place where you are definitely going to learn how to be yourself and defend your boundaries. The users are so varied that at a certain point you’re going to have to decide if you would like to involve yourself in a used panties negotiation. Selecting the clients with which you enjoy the communication and negotiation the most, creating interesting classifieds and taking sexy lingerie photos, you’re going to liberate yourself more than ever.

It’s the best way to practice confidence and defend your boundaries, gaining money with your sexy erotic lingerie.

Giving you the possibility to share your opinion
When you communicate with the used panties buyers you have the opportunity to share your opinion on a daily basis. This automatically makes you feel more confident and proud of your worldview. While you explore the worldview of the used panties clients you are going to defend your opinion and boundaries continually. It’s a very good exercise that helps your personal growth and improves your interpersonal skills. Online in the used panties sales everything comes to communication and creating social bonds in a variety of ways. The more you socialise, the better you’re going to support and understand your position.

Gaining profits thanks to creativity and originality
The fact that you use your creativity and unique ideas to create your used panties classifieds and promoting campaigns, makes you feel free to express yourself and defend your boundaries. In every single offer you have the opportunity to share with the world what your boundaries are and how far you can go, in terms of going naked and pleasing your clients. Focus your attention on these details and every activity that gives you the chance to express yourself. These are some of the most valuable features of the used panties selling industry.

Connecting you with a variety of people
The used panties sales community connects you with a variety of people which you normally would not encounter in your real life. This makes it interesting and more challenging for you to express yourself and have the courage to state your personal boundaries. However, the more you do it and the more you establish a connection with different types of people, the more able you’re going to be to show your true self to the world and make the others respect your boundaries. Whenever you decide to make a used panties negotiation or make a post, you undertake a risk and liberate yourself to make visible all of your unique qualities.

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Things used panties buyers like about chatting with sellers

| Used Panty Network | May 18, 2017


The used panties buyers are fascinated with the option to chat with the sellers. This method of communication that is essential for the negotiations guarantees you success and gives you opportunity to have a list with loyal clients. The buyers start their sexual enjoyment in the messages and continue having fun when they receive a pair of used panties. Always make sure that you provide them some erotic entertainment in chat and meet their male needs.

It’s going to inspire them to buy your used lingerie and be big fans of yours.

Listening about sexual experiences
The used panties buyers like all men like to reveal and hear about the sexual experiences of women. The scenarios themselves make them go hot and desire to have some dirty lingerie. Also the fact that a seller trusts them and tells them about their intimate experiences, makes them feel more comfortable and trust the seller as well. The more you discuss such intimate topics with your used panties clients and create a relation with them, the easier you’re going to negotiate the details around a used lingerie. It’s all about being friendly, exciting and hot female that is able to provide them with quality enjoyment and lingerie.

Making sellers take sexy photos
When establishing a connection with a woman men like to be playful and provocative. The used panties buyers really like to excite the women to send them some sexy photos and seduce them. This game is not only good for presenting your sexy underwear but also shows them that you are ready to participate in some playful and dynamic negotiations. It’s better to negotiate your used panties offers in such a way, exchanging naughty messages and photos, instead of making things too official and boring.

Being desired and understood
In the naughty chats with used panties sellers men also want to be heard, desired and understood. Being friendly and making the clients to feel comfortable and share about their fetishes, you make them to come back for more quality communication. That’s how the used panties buyers get impressed with a particular seller and start to buy lingerie only from her. The attitude that you have toward your buyers is really important and you should make sure that you let them be their true selves. It’s the best way to excite their sexual appetite and make them invest in your used panties.

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Ways to confront the most common used panties buyers’ bias

| Used Panty Network | May 11, 2017


There are many male prejudices that some people may still have. Their deep roots in the culture and society has made it relatively hard to eliminate them and many people still struggle with dealing with them nowadays. Noticing that a used panties buyer acts strangely and in a quite biased way, it’s good to confront him confidently and try to resolve the situation.

Men can be quite confident in portraying and using these prejudiced traits of themselves, therefore it’s important to deal with them appropriately in order to make beneficial used panties negotiations.

Being too dominant in negotiations
Men naturally like to be more dominant, however this may start to be too explicit and used for exploiting you in various ways. Some used panties buyers want lingerie and videos for free. When you interact with a more dominant type of a client, be attentive and make used panties negotiations with him with great care. In case that he starts to be explicitly dominant and give you orders that you don’t want to complete, you can leave the chat and look for another client. If his dominance obsession is mild and is not interrupting your negotiation, then you can continue with the messages.

Telling you how to act dirtily
In the moments when you share with each other how you enjoy sexuality and also include various dirty fantasies, there are clients that would like to manipulate you to undertake various roles in a role play and act for them. If this makes you feel uncomfortable you can leave the communication or suggest them another type of a naughty service. If you are going to participate in such kind of interaction depends on your personality and willingness to act. It requires a lot of open mindedness and readiness for sexy participation. In case that you prefer to be your true self and not have other roles, just state it and make them take a decision if they like to chat.

Obliging you to take action
In the communication with used panties clients you should not face any difficulties like enforcement. Everything should be done voluntarily and according to your own standards and believes. If a used panties buyer doesn’t respect your opinion much and acts like he doesn’t notice your negativity regarding certain naughty suggestion, then you should discuss the situation thoroughly with him and try to resolve the conflict. Whenever you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to complete an offer, you should talk and defend your standards of selling used panties.

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The used panties community’s pleasures from the least to the most intense

| Used Panty Network | May 4, 2017


The pleasures that you offer to the used panties buyers online can normally be categorised according to their intensity. In relation to the categories to which they pertain you can set your prices or play with the used panties clients in a negotiation. It’s good to differentiate between the different types of pleasure that you offer and use it for your advantage.

It’s going to make your sales to be more dynamic and interesting for you, giving more opportunities for growth and the possibility to offer varied used panties services.

Dirty messages
The naughty messages are the most innocent form of satisfaction that you can provide to your used panties clients. It’s essential since without any communication you can’t proceed with your dirty negotiations. It’s a way to know your used panties buyer better, check if you match with his services preferences and eventually culminate his dirty satisfaction from the chatting with another type of naughty service. Being the least intense form of sexual pleasure, the dirty chats can be provided to a variety of used panties clients in order to play with their imagination and introduce them to your used panties classifieds in a seductive way.

Sexy lingerie photos and videos
This is the middle category of sexual pleasure. The visual materials make all of the naughty fantasies discussed in a chat reality and captivate the buyers with their realistic expression. You can either combine your sexy messages with some photos, or go further and record some sexy videos. It’s a nice way to make profits without directly selling used panties. Taking sexy lingerie photos and making videos is quite artistic and creative, challenging you to express your naughty nature with performance and speech. Men really like to observe women and their beauty, and this is going to make them quite excited about your services.

Used lingerie
The most intense pleasure that you can provide to your used panties clients is naturally your dirty lingerie. Receiving a real sexual object from a woman, they can truly enjoy it and feel like they’ve won the attention of a lady. Making that your clients invest time and efforts in order to receive your used panties and hear your naughty stories, you increase the value of your services indirectly. It’s a tricky technique to use the different types of pleasures that you provide and gradually escalate them. However, it’s a proven method that every more professional used panties seller should use and convert her used lingerie to be something even more special and desired.

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