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Men share their thoughts on dirty panties

| Used Panty Network | December 10, 2015

What do men like so much about those dirty panties? Their physical aspect or the act itself of having and exploring them? Here we’ll expose some male opinions on the used panties theme in order to have a broader look for what they like the most and for what they do search.

“I like everything about the dirty panties, the smell, the feel, the fact that they’ve been worn by a sexy female. I feel dirty and naughty sneaking in the panties, as if I’ve Young, sexy and beautiful woman in underwear in the bed over retstolen them secretly from a girl’s wardrobe and have unlimited access to enjoy them. My last girlfriend didn’t like to give me her used panties and I’ve always been quite passionate about getting a pair. The circumstance have made me more enthusiastic than ever to explore and enjoy that passion of mine.” -Mike

“When I was fourteen years old my parents were putting really big restrictions on me and my sexual life. I had so big desires to explore and enjoy, and the difficult situation made me think of other ways to find pleasure. One day I secretly stole a pair of panties of a girl at school when having swimming classes. The smell was so good and exciting. I started collecting panties and wanted to explore all of the possible smells they can have. Now as an adult I haven’t forgot my passion even having girlfriend and enjoy a tasty pair of dirty panties now and then.” -Tom

“My girlfriend is more prone to experiments than others and I consider myself quite a lucky guy. I tell her which panties and stockings I want and she never refuses to give them to me and explore them while playing with each other. No embarrassing and awkward situations, she even likes the fact I adore her dirty garments. Her sweet perfume in combination with the natural scent make me go wild and fantasize about her all day.” -William
“Women do not understand how much we men like it. If it’s the chemical compounds in the smelly panties or just the erotic undergarment itself, men go wild about them. The marks left on the fabric together with the sweet feminine smell are indispensable for quality foreplay fun. Adding some smelly and sweaty stockings, I get the feel I posses her entire body in my hands and want to embrace it.” -Alex
Obviously guys tend to enjoy fetishes quite much and have fun. Put your panties offers in action and watch how much enthusiastic they’ll go about a simple piece of undergarment fabric. Enjoy selling panties and explore their fetishes to further develop your business.

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Female fetishes

| Used Panty Network | December 3, 2015

Did you know that women have fetishes too? All the accent is put on male’s dirty fantasies and perversions and women are put aside. Because of stereotypes or just plain ignorance feminine sexuality is regarded as boring and predictable. But that’s not really the case. Behind the curtains a strong and naughty desires persist and have their relevant secret expressions.Beautiful girl in a sexy lingerie
Men are popular for collecting and sniffing panties, having affinity to women’s legs and fantasizing dirty stuff. However women’s fetishes are oriented more toward fantasizing, not touching and smelling another body. There are women who are submissive and dream of men dominating or hurting them in a certain way. It’s a typical type of fantasy formed years ago in the more traditional patriarchal societies. They desire their panties to be ripped off, to be held tight, spanked or beaten. Men’s dirty wishes dominate over them, be panties sniffing, tying or biting. Special panties and lingerie are fabricated especially for such sexual plays. Another type of female fantasy is the opposite one, the dominant type. This type of women are fascinated to tease and torture men as hard as possible. One way is male weak points to be used, like their strong desires to smell and touch, in order to drive them mad. A pair of panties or stockings could tickle men’s body while tied and excite them much. More hard techniques include whipping and causing pain, but are more rarely found in women. It’s a matter of character and culture. The society affects how women think of and treat the men with which have a relationship.
Some women take things in a more “manly” way and prefer the physical approach. Men’s panties could make women to fantasize and desire them more, too. The different type of panties and the way a man wears them, removes them or dances with them could have affect over women’s imagination. All different types of panties and underwear in general can be important part of the so called role playing. Both genders like to imagine and have fun with their unconscious desires, so it is widely practiced in people’s intimate lives. Special underwear is designed in order to spice things up and maintain the passion. Panties and bras from leather have gone quite popular giving the sexual play a naughtier feel and look. Stockings, fur, silk, all kind of fabrics and underwear imitating characters is sold all over the world. That way creativity and art can be incorporated in intimate affairs also.
Fetishes, perversions or just basic fantasies are key for sexual satisfaction. They mark sexual maturity, creativity and reflect society’s customs, beliefs and norms. It’s a nice aspect of people to fantasise and create new ways to have fun, that way passions would never go away and imagination can develop.

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How to spice your offers

| Used Panty Network | November 26, 2015

The used panties industry grows more and more and gives you the opportunity to make much money of your old panties. But it’s time to think how you can make your favorite hobby even more profitable and fun. Men adore sniffing or just possessing female panties. Smelling them, touching their silky and lacy texture makes masculines go crazy. However their dirty mind consists not only of used panties but of other garments or objects as well. Just open your mind and think of all the other things you can sell to them. May be you have towels which you no longer use. The sexy scent of shampoo, soaps, and other sweet fruity scents they had accumulated with time when you’ve been bathing yourself, will make men’s minds long to cuddle in them. You’ve got plenty swimsuits at home which you’ll never put on again. Oldest profession - Female perfect sexy body with money (dollarsTake out the old stuff of the closet and think of all the creative ways you can make it an attractive offer. Swimsuits smell like sand, seawater and together with your natural odor are one of the most special offer you can make to the clients. You can add also a colorful flip flops for the naughty foot fetish guys. Different accessories can make a good profit too. Some sexy leather gloves are essential for every man’s dirty mind. Combine them with a silky scarf which have touched your sexy neck. Men crave to experiment with different textures and incorporate exotic things while fantasizing. If you have sexy tops and skirts give them a chance too. Every feminine garment can be of use for fetishists. In case you are from the more naughty girls and have a sex toys you can profit a lot by the fact they’ve been used. Men would be fascinated to have such a naughty object used by girls. Also handcuffs, whips, bondage, are essential for the role play lovers. Moreover, you can search for some special leathery panties or more exotic fabrics underwear, wear it and then multiply the price when selling it. The scent you leave on panties and clothes is so precious for men, they’re ready to give a fortune to have them. Go shopping for panties and other naughty accessories and activate your creativity. You can bathe with panties under the shower and sell them with the sexy smell of a fresh female body. Or attach to them a sexy bobby pin as if by chance left by you. It’s all about being creative and mixing things up. In the competitive panties selling industry you should more than ever put efforts to make your offers look sexy and unique. Just have fun searching for the erotic and unusual to profit even more from the naughty business.

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