How to have a healthy relation with a used panties buyer

Making used panties deals it’s not solely about marketing techniques and posting, it’s based on creating strong relationships with your clients as well. Since they are human beings this is more than possible and desirable, since it’s going to have very positive effects for your business and your general experience online. The more friends that you have in the naughty community, the more you can have fun and sell more used lingerie.

Don’t forget to include the following strategies when it comes to communicating with your used panties buyers.

Show respect through actions
Respect is best expressed through actions. Especially men understand actions better than words. You can show your used panties buyers respect when you respond to their messages on time, you send the used lingerie in a timely manner and you appreciate their own actions as well. Using both actions and words from time to time, you’re going to create a strong relationship with your buyers and make them trust you more. It’s a way to convert the negotiations into something much more interesting and entertaining, thanks to your skills to interact and respect the others. It’s really attractive and is going to make your clients continue contacting you.

Don’t forget to take
Together with giving attention and selling your used lingerie you should remember that you should take as well. Make your used panties buyer respect your own requirements and standards whenever it’s possible. From stating the services that you offer, your limits for engaging in a chat to sending provocative pictures. You can make clear your understanding for making used panties negotiations and provoke respect in the clients. Also you can enjoy them dedicating time and attention to you, listening to you sharing and discussing various topics. All you need is simply be more confident and let the buyers give you some attention.

Honest communication matters
The communication in the used panties negotiations matters, however it should be clear and honest. This is going to strengthen the relationship that you have with your buyers and make them be your loyal clients as well. Never lie and try to discuss everything in details. This is going to make it possible for both of you to understand each other better and the conditions of the naughty offers. It’s a way to make the business easier to handle and always satisfy your clients the way they expect it. At first it may look kind of intimidating to you to be radically sincere, nonetheless once you notice the positive effects, you’ll enjoy using clear communication a lot.

Questions you can try asking your used panties buyers

When you know and understand your buyers well, you can post more interesting used panties classifieds. The clients like to chat about various topics and would be excited to discuss with your what excites them the most about women, sexuality and feminine features. Focusing on this aspect of making used panties business, you’ll increase the possibility of having success and attract client in long term negotiations.

The following three questions are very useful for putting them in practice in your negotiations and making your used panties buyers share a lot of personal information.

Who is your favourite actress?
Revealing the favourite actress of a used panties buyer you can grasp what is their ideal for a woman and how you can look and perform in a way to excite him. It’s a nice question since it’s not too personal but rather casual and every buyer would be happy to answer it. Investigating into the clients’ favourite celebrities and actresses, you can not only try to look like them in the photos that you send them, but even participate in some role play. Men are really into role play and it’s going to excite them if you involve them in a play where you act like their most favourite actress. It’s going to excite them to make a lot of used panties negotiations with you.

Which is your sexiest memory?
While discussing cinema and actress is easy, talking about memories is a little bit more personal and requires you to be more careful with it. When a used panties buyer is in a naughty and happy mood, you can answer him this question. This is going to guarantee you that he feels comfortable and ready to talk with you about more personal topics. The sexy memories of the buyers can show you what they expect when they chat with you, share naughty fantasies and search for dirty lingerie. You can help them share more and in that way know more about their preferences, asking them additional questions on the memories.

How do women excite you?
A general question like this is interesting for men, however sometimes they have trouble expressing their wants clearly. There are used panties buyers that are going to answer it in a lot of details with ease, but others may struggle. Depending on the buyer you should try to help him and be as more tolerant as possible. Sharing to each other your preferences about the opposite sex is a nice way to get to know each other and improve your used panties selling experiences. You’ll start having more fun with fantasies due to acting in a more appropriate and exciting way for the other person.

Essential positions for the fans of sexy lingerie photos

Variety of photos matters when it comes to making naughty business. Make your used panties business be more successful than ever changing the positions a bit and taking more interesting photos in your sexy lingerie. This is going to make the buyers more attracted to your profile and excited about the used panties that you offer.

Inspire the community of naughty clients and make them connect with you updating your photo gallery the right way.

Lying down with a sexy underwear
Lying down is a typical sexy position that you should master, although it’s a bit difficult. Choose a place where you feel nice and comfortable, like your bed, the sofa or another part of the interior that you can use for lying down. You can tell a friend to photo shoot you or take some selfies of yourself. You can either take it from above while you look at the camera or leave it aside with a timer. Whatever the option that you choose, you’re going to look quite sexy in your lingerie since you’ve taken a position reminding of the romantic moments that everybody has had in their lives.

Sitting sexily in different places
If you feel more active and you don’t like to lie down, then you can sit on the soda, a chair or another interesting place. It’s going to be easier for you to take photos using this position, therefore you can experiment with angles and showing different intimate parts for more mysterious feel. Put your curves and expressive sitting positions in action in order to charm with both, you feminine figure and nice looking lingerie. Women can take very sexy sitting positions that attract men with the look of female legs and interesting sexy angles.

Leaning forward with a sexy gaze
You can also lean forward a wall and enhance your lean figure and feminine structure. It’s a positions that can be put in practice in different places, even on the terrace of the house. The key advice is to have a straight posture, wear a nice fitting underwear and smile a lot. The used panties buyers are really going to like this cute and lovely position that is perfect for all types of female figures. Put on a sexy lingerie and experiment a bit with the angles and the photo shooting functions. It’s important to dedicate time to learning and mastering the techniques if you want to become one in photo shooting sexy lingerie images.

Chatting techniques for the used panties sellers that are good in messaging

Chatting is an important part of making used panties negotiations. You should pay attention to the way you communicate with the buyers and make sure that you offer them extreme pleasure not only with your used panties offers, but your presence in a chat. Therefore using some special techniques and developing your chatting skills even more, is going to make your buyers a lot more excited about you and your offers.

Improve the way you make used panties business online and have fun chatting in a more meaningful and naughtier way.

Tell more about yourself
Talking about yourself and your daily life you can become better friends with your clients and make them share as well. That is the perfect way to look more authentic and trustful in the naughty business. Discuss some casual personal topics once in a while and make it be a natural part of the conversations with your buyers. Both of you are going to feel more comfortable and relaxed when you are able to talk about everything, from naughty themes to the most casual ones. It also makes it easier for you to maintain variety in chat and maintain the conversations captivating.

Introduce some intimate memories
If you want to enhance the effect of your conversations with the used panties buyers, think about sharing some intimate memories. You can tell the most exciting sexual moments that you’ve has and excite them a lot. It’s going to make you remember naughty details, consider the past situations and analyse your emotions as well. That’s a nice way to make yourself more comfortable with your intimate irrational life and at the same time attract the used panties buyers extremely. Use the opportunity to convert the chats in a nice environment for self improvement and naughty play.

Experiment with fantasies
Women feel less comfortable with sharing their fantasies than men do. It’s crucial to share them when you want to have deeper conversations with your used panties buyers and benefit from the hobby more. It’s the easiest way to convert the used panties hobby in a more significant part of your life and use it for discovering your inner self. Everybody has a lot of sexual fantasies that pass his mind. Choose some of the most interesting for you and share them with a used panties buyer. It’s the most exciting and passionate way to make them more invested and attracted to you immediately.

Go further in your used panties sales and offer these things

At some point it’s normal to start thinking about some ways to change the things and spice things up in your used panties sales. It’s always good to be creative and try different approaches. If you have the inspiration to put some new techniques in practice, then you should definitely use it while you still have it.

We’re going to present you some new ideas for taking things further in your sales, making naughtier used panties classifieds and offering to your clients an authentic erotic experience.

Going naked while doing daily stuff
No just sexy photos are appreciated by the used panties clients. They are big fans of videos and photography that is made instantly and without planning a lot. Actually, this is the favourite type of photos that the used panties buyers really like and feel the passion of the seller indeed. When you feel naughty while you do something asexual like having a shower, cleaning your room, making the bed, grab the camera and take some sexy photos in lingerie or without one. Send them to your clients for creating a more realistic effect and lasting impressions in them. It’s an easy and very fun way to make yourself appear naughtier and catch the attention of the clients.

Sell your sex toys
Many women have sex toys nowadays or experiment with various other objects. If you have your own favourite toy or object that you use for pleasuring yourself, feel free to add it to your used panties classifieds. It’s not only going to make you feel more comfortable with your sexuality and intimate tastes, but it’s going to excite the used panties clients a lot. At first, you may feel kind of uncomfortable and shy about it, however it’s surely worth it to try it out. It’s a way to challenge yourself, your believes and gain a lot of profits from it.

Make a live video session
You surely chat with your used panties clients, but have you tried to make a live video session? It may sound too naughty for you, nonetheless it’s not something that difficult to make once you try to do it a few times. The difficulty is normally related to not knowing how the buyers are going to react and how you are supposed to act while streaming online. Preparing a scenario or things that you can say while being on live, you can feel more comfortable and start to like it. It’s much easier than taking photos and the used panties buyers are going to be quite impressed with it.

Ways to enjoy your used panties sales more


If you want to have more fun and enjoy your used panties hobby, you search for new techniques continually. The more you sell your dirty lingerie online, the more you’re going to realise that it’s an intricate art that needs your attention and development of skills. From the interaction with the buyers to your pure personal enjoyment, there are tips that you should have in mind and put in practice.

That’s how you’ll have more fun when selling your used panties and develop yourself without difficulties.

Stop making plans
The more you make plans for your used panties negotiations, the more you stress yourself. It’s good to stay relaxed and stop organising your time too much. It’s useful to teach yourself to be disciplined without having to think too much about it, rather acting in an organised way. The best technique for making this possible is to simply enjoy making used panties negotiations, search for success and stay inspired about progress. That’s how you’ll naturally excite yourself and wouldn’t need to make some fixed plans about your sales. It’s more much joyous and pragmatic than writing down your tasks and worrying about their completion on time.

Explore trends
If you want to have more fun posting sexy lingerie photos and chatting with your buyers you should stay informed about the trends. Make research on sexual themes, naughty topics and lingerie fashion. The more you read about them, the more things you can discuss in a chat, entertain your clients and yourself as well. Once you add creativity and variety to the used panties negotiations they’re not going to be the same. You’ll feel much more inspired and satisfied with the interaction and the negotiations that you make.

Create unique sexual stories
Using your imagination to create interesting sex stories and share them with your used panties clients, you can have fun sharing intimate stuff and excite your buyers a lot. It’s going to be an exciting experience for both of you making you to think more and more about some naughty scenarios. Men are in love with dirty stories and telling them some you’ll impress them significantly. When you feel in the mood and want to spice things up, think about some sexy stuff and chat with your used panties clients immediately. Men’s imagination is their weakest point and once you learn how to play with it, you’ll excite every client of yours.

Rituals you should do every day if you want to make more used panties sales

You may not see anything remarkable about your daily life in general, but the small things and activities that consist it can affect your performance at work and in the used panties business. It’s time to start thinking about your daily routine and make efforts to convert it in a special experience full of exciting moments and life changing habits.

Here are suggestions that we can list for the most passionate used panties sellers that are ready to challenge themselves and become more prosperous than usual.

Select your favourite buyer of the day
Choosing which is the most exciting buyer for you currently, you can become more grateful and satisfied with your experience online. Think about it and select the person that makes you feel the best. You can write it down everyday in a personal diary. This practice doesn’t require much time and it’s going to make you be more aware of your emotions and what techniques you should use online. Making more negotiations and chatting often with your favourite used panties customers, you’ll surely enjoy your business more and have more possibilities to earn money with less efforts.

Post about your mood
You can use your profile page or wall to share your mood. It’s an equivalent to Twitter but you’re going to inform your biggest fans of the way you feel. That is going to provoke some of them to start a chat with you and investigate into your emotions more. You can post about everything, your daily activities, your negative moments and naughtier sensations. It’s an ultimate way to make the clients more interested in checking your profile and learning about you. The more sincere you are and the more you update your profile in such a way, the more fans you’re going to have. Buyers like sincere and confidence women that share about themselves.

Publish a naughty picture
Sexy visual materials are favourite of the used panties buyers. Posting one new naughty photo every day, you make them visit your profile in order to indulge in your newest sexy pictures. |t’s not only going to make you be more popular but it’s also going to train you how to take sexy pictures faster and better. The more you practice taking photos in your erotic lingerie, the better you’re going to become. Include this habit in your daily life and very soon you’re going to notice the difference. Your profile is going to look much more interesting with more photos, and your clients are going to wait excited for your newest classifieds and pictures.

Use your feminine energy to attract more used panties clients


What is attractive about the women is not that much their sexy body but a complex mix of their body appearance and feminine personality. Learning to use both of them you’re going to be able to create a more impressive used panties profile and attract your clients better in chat. The art of being feminine is not that simple, however once learned you’re going to become a more powerful and influencing woman.

Have a look at the following strategies that you can use in your used panties business and put in practice in your daily routine.

Be a naughty woman
All women no matter how feminine they are they should be naughty. Every man knows that women have their own dirty desires as well even when they are reluctant to show it. You should repress this need to act in an educated and shy way but enjoy yourself being naughty. When it’s in the appropriate amount the used panties buyers are going to be happy to interact with you and make negotiations. Modern women should definitely embrace the opportunity of being naughty and enjoy their fantasies more. It makes every person feel healthier and more excited about life in general.

Be sensitive
Women tend to be more sensitive and expressive than men. Use this typical feature often in the chats with your used panties buyers. You can express your emotions more and get easily affected in a variety of ways. Experiencing life in such an exciting and feminine way you’re going to attract more males. It gives men the chance to appreciate the unique about the women and get fascinated about their different point of view. Simply be more emotional in your used panties chats and confidently show your feminine nature. The clients are going to be enchanted to stay connected with you.

Be kind
Men are normally bad mannered and a bit more selfish than women. That’s why they appreciate all women that are kind and generous. You can show this trait of yours when you negotiate with your clients. Making some small discounts from time to time and simply having good manners when communicating, you’re going to leave a good impression. Men pay attention to details and feel good in the company of kind women. Be impressive and feminine woman taking care for your actions and language use. It’s simple as this and it’s going to convert you in a more successful woman and used panties seller.

Special services you can provide to your used panties buyers


The used panties buyers are quite open-minded and always search for new methods for sexual enjoyment. You can develop your business more and become more popular adding some special kinky services to your used panties classifieds. You’ll learn more about the sexuality, naughty topics, the clients and how to deal with them in order to grow your kinky business. It’s more than motivating and fun, giving you the opportunity to use various skills and put your creativity in action.

Consider adding the following hot services to your used panties classifieds, and start having some naughty fun and success online!

Role play
The role play can be included in various forms in the used panties chatting. You can organise a rola play in a chat, send images and videos, or have a video conversation on live. Depending on your motivation and goals, you can use different types of role plays. It’s a very fun technique to make the used panties buyers share about their intimate fantasies and desires without feeling strange. Select roles that match the interests of both participants and try out a role play game. The sexual satisfaction derived is going to make the used panties clients quite interested about making some negotiations with you as well.

Customised photo gallery
The used panties buyers enjoy sexy visual materials a lot. You can convert this part of the negotiations in a business, offering the service of creating a special customised photo gallery for a client. Receiving instructions from him where he would like you to pose, in what lingerie and in what way you should pose, you can take some special photos for him and make his sexy fantasies come true. It not only makes it possible for him to enjoy his unique sexual dreams but also he starts to feel like a powerful man when giving instructions and directions. Let your clients enjoy this features and have fun developing your naughty business.

Kinky objects
The used panties fetish fans enjoy all types of perversions. Don’t feel shy to offer them other sexy objects, like sexy feminine nighties or used heels. The more sexual objects that a man has, the more he can enjoy his naughty fantasies. You can negotiate with a buyer the rest of the sexy objects that could make a man happy and satisfied. Once you’ve explored his taste and favourite objects, you can add some of them to your used panties classifieds. Experimenting in this way you’ll learn how to be more adventurous and willing to develop your used panties business courageously.

Themes to discuss with your used panties buyers


The things that you discuss with your used panties buyers affect the way they look at you as a seller and how loyal they are going to be in your business. Choose the topics that you talk about with care and use the chats as an opportunity to impress them and increase their interest in your profile and classifieds. The way you communicate shows what type of person you are and how interesting services you could offer to your used panties clients.

Intrigue the buyers with an exciting and deep communication, and very soon you’re going to notice their passion for making more used panties negotiations.

There is very high possibility that the used panties buyers have other fetishes as well. People that enjoy sexuality in a perverted way, with the use of various sexual objects like used panties, tend to invest a lot of attention in different fetishes. You can ask your used panties clients about their likes or just start discussing some type of a fetish. That way you can start some interesting chats with them, giving them the opportunity to share about their intimate secrets and learning about their likes as well. It’s going to help you to understand them better and know how to satisfy them using dirty fantasies and used lingerie. Enjoy discussing the different fetishes and perversions that exist out there, and you’re going to yield great success in the community.

Favourite movies
The movies are a topic that everybody likes. All people like to watch movies and it’s one of the most modern pastimes nowadays. You can use the movies discussions to know more about the general likes of the used panties buyers and how they experience life. Depending on the genre they prefer and their favourite movie scenes, you can understand their sexual preferences as well. Whether they focus on being more active or more passive, the type of scenarios they like and which emotions predominate their daily life are all details that are going to be helpful for your dirty chats with them. Feel free to discuss the latest movies and most favourite scenes. It’s a unique way to get to know your clients and excite them.

Summer adventures
In the summer it’s quite exciting to share each other’s adventures that you’ve been having recently. From going out with friends to small trips around the city, everything can be a fun adventure worth of discussing. The summery activities are always fun and give a lot of opportunities to enjoy yourself sensually. Suggest to your used panties clients how they can variate their schedule in the summer and tell them about your personal experiences. It’s going to be quite inspirational and interesting for both of you surely. Just be descriptive, passionate and positive, and every single chat is going to be a big success.